Friday, August 7, 2015

Shoelaces and Bunny Ears

Today, Little Miss Princess learned to tie her shoelaces!

But, let's rewind. 

LMP is on the move when it comes to growing up. She can't wait to "catch up" with her big sis in every way, even age (and yes, I've tried to convince her that she will love being the younger sis one day but for now that's no fun). 

Well, I noticed that her shoes were wearing out. And by "I noticed" I mean that Little Miss bugged me and bugged me and bugged me until I finally looked at  the shoes that were "falling apart". Let's just say they really were. Oops. Bad mom moment but if that's the worst I do I think we're good. Let's face it...that won't be the worst. But back to the point at hand. 

Her shoes were falling apart. I mean parts of the shoe weren't even connected any longer and toes were coming out of holes  that were more prevalent than mice going through Swiss cheese. So...after a few busy weeks we finally decided to look for some shoes for her. It was on a whim and I'm happy to say that we found some awesome looking shoes for an even more awesome price (under $8)!! The one downside? They were tie shoes. Hmmm...well that's not much of a downside in my eyes. I told her it was time she learned to tie shoes cause I wasn't looking around for a different pair that had Velcro. 

And obviously...there's no time like the present!

So we bought those and today in the car her big sister showed her a couple of tricks and after only a couple tries...she had it down!!! Yay!! (I miss being the one to show her how but love that her big sister is so sweet to do so.)

Thank you bunny ears! Woot woot!!! What a lucky family we are to have such a sweet, determined little girl. I just love her to pieces!! 

Tie own shoelaces...check. Bring it on 6!!!

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