Monday, August 4, 2014

Activities Planner

With the impending arrival of our fourth child, I've been working furiously to get things ready for school. I looked around and found a few different Homeschool Planners that I liked but really hated the price tag. Now, I love to get something for free, anything for free that I can use, but I'm also willing to pay to have a neat version of something done for me. I love to create but I hate to waste time. So, I continued to search and finally realized that I was not pleased with any of the planners I found. With that disappointing fact, I decided to make my own. I had a list of things to include but as I started working towards the completion of this planner, I realized I just couldn't include everything I wanted in one planner. It would just be too massive. So...I just included the basics. (Here's a few pics of the planner. They are not great shots as I was in a hurry but you kind of get the idea. There are a few other pages and details but these are the basics.)

After finishing, printing, binding, and labeling my homeschool planner I fell in love...and then decided I needed to make an activities binder to include all those things that I missed out on with my planner. My intentions are to include a birthday's and anniversary's two page spread, a party planning section with numerous copies for those numerous parties, a Christmas planning section, and a few other odds and ends that I would like to have. I'm nearly done with the party planning phase of this book and am getting excited to see it finished! I have to admit that I've been using odds and ends of freebies from the web for a few years to prep for all these times but there have always been things I didn't like about them. I suppose this is the case with any kind of planner you purchase or print. I have big plans for this planner (pun intended) and am hoping that others will like it too.

It will be an extension of my homeschool planner, meaning the same basic style and fonts. I like to keep the headers and typing simple for a few reasons: less space taken for style and more available for what it's intended use is. So here is a question: Would you pay for the digital copy of something like this? Or, like me, would you rather just download a free version or create your own? Or...would you pay to have someone else to print and bind it for you? I'm not sure I really want to create my own headaches by printing and binding for other people but it's always a thought.

I'm looking forward to your thoughts.

Happy Creations!