Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fun, Friends, and Graphgans

Today has been a fabulous day! Church, followed by a cat nap, a few errands with a friend, and a visit with some friends from out of town. It does not get better than this. Seeing new babies and having our kids play together is completely epic. The last time we were together was years ago. That. Is. Crazy!! Here's a pic of the kids 4 years ago and today. The time has really flown. How wonderful to have this time together! We can't wait for our sleepover!!

Now that the excitement has settled down and the girls are all in bed resting peacefully, I have time to work in the graphgan. Here's my current progress and the mess I'm creating doing it.
(And yes, those are all attached to the current graphgan so it can be quite a mess!) I have a small goal tonight of about 4 rows. Fingers crossed. 

Happy Crafting~

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