Monday, August 10, 2015

Rowing and Riding

So I have to admit something...I forgot to post yesterday. Well, I didn't totally forget but we had Uncle JT visiting for just a brief layover (he's a pilot) and we haven't seen him for a while so our time was filled with that. After dropping him back at the airport on Saturday we did a couple of fun errands, headed home, and played. We had such a full day I did not have time to write. So today...we are getting a double dose of Little Miss Princess. start our day we slept in a little bit since Daddy and Uncle JT were up late with a late arrival in town. Then we quickly packed up and headed to a little spot on the water. We had sooo much fun. Uncle JT made all the girls' day by taking each one out on the kayak and letting them paddle. I'm so impressed with all the girls' ability to take control of the kayak. They probably do better than me!! (Of course, you probably guessed I mean the three older girls and not the wee one because seriously...Little G is only 11 months! And if you really thought Little G was out there rowing the kayak you must either believe that we have a child prodigy who belongs in the record books or you are just plain crazy. -hehehe-)

So anyway, the three older girls did so well out there on the river but I found myself totally surprised at Little Miss's clear talent. She just loves all things water and this was another joy for her. I can't believe how grown up she is getting!! What a cutie!!

Then to top off an awesome day already, Little Miss Orincess started to check off another thing from her list. Learning to ride a two wheeler!! She is still practicing but she is getting there. A few more days and she'll be rockin' and rollin' (pun intended). Check her out!! 

And yes, she was wearing a softball helmet for part of the time because she couldn't find her bike helmet and she's crafty like that...she must take after her mother!! (Wait...that could be a bad thing.) 

So today's post is a double whammy with LMP just rockin' that growing up thing. What next, driving? Seriously...slow down already!!!

Happy Creations~

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