Monday, August 10, 2015

Crafting Graphgans

As you all know by now, or should if you are following this blog at all, my Little Miss Princess is turning 6 at the end of the month. You may have also determined that I like my crafts. I would venture to say I love my crafts. So for Little Miss Princesses birthday I have decided to try a new craft I have only recently found out about but have become obsessed with trying. I have searched and searched for the right pattern to use, and trust me. This was no easy feat for my very particular princess and while I didn't find what I wanted initially, I believe I have hit the jackpot on the image I did find. Nothing but the best for my girl on her big day. It's going to be long as there are no issues. 

The problem is, I am hoping to create a c2c (corner to corner) Graphgan-and I have never done this before. Now, c2c afghans are nothing new, although they are new to me. But the c2c Graphgan is kind of up and coming, or at least it seems to me it is. What you do is find a graphed image, anything will work from peeler patterns to cross stitch patterns. I did look for and through many different images but finally chose one to purchase on etsy. The biggest problem with the image was it was a little too tall and not wide enough. Because of the image I was able to cut some off the top and just add some columns to the sides this making it approximately what I want...well hopefully. There was definitely some work to get the columns on the side-I had to do this by took a little time. Those boxes were super small!!
But alas, I did finish the boring part and finally...finally got to starting this thing. I'm excited and nervous all at once. Lots of "new" for a project I should have done in just a few weeks all while keeping it secret. I'm not gonna lie, the big projects are challenging for me and a quick timeline is either going to make me or break me. So, let's get our fingers crossed and the bedtimes steady cause mamma's got some work to do...after hours. 

Here we go!!

Happy Creations~

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  1. Never heard of this type of thing! Go for it, my Jennifer!