Friday, July 17, 2015

Just a thought

In the midst of cleaning, and reorganizing rooms, and sorting through items I took a little break to feed the baby and the older girls. The girls finished up and headed to work while I was sitting with Gretchen. As I stared at this beautiful girl who was, at that moment, thinking of sleep with droopy eyes, rosy cheeks, a full belly, and a comforting snuggle my heart just ached. Tears filled my eyes as I wondered at how I could be so lucky to have been given this littlest gift to care for. 

She popped up about then with a giant, sleepy grin ready to explore the world for as long as I would let her before taking her to bed. Holding on to the couch with one hand standing on wobbly legs taking tender steps to curious parts of this enormous world (really just the small living room in a simple home), she enthusiastically began her trek. Her smile that lights up not just her whole being but our entire home and everyone she comes in contact with. Her sisters, completely enamored with her even after 10 months, look for reasons to come, smile, and play waiting for that giant glow of happiness that they provided for their littlest sister-a glow that radiates through Gretchen into those around her. I watch as each of her older sisters puff up with joy and pride and turn around heading back to the mundane job they are working on.

I can't express how much we all feel so blessed to have "little G" in our midst each and every day. 

These simple words cannot truly express those awesome feelings but I hope it gives just a glimpse into us. Just a glimpse into one of my thoughts on a regular, boring day in summer. 

Happy creations,