Monday, January 7, 2013

Jeans Wreath

Hi. This is my first official blog. I've always enjoyed crafting and I usually take pics of what I do. Normally I just talk about what I've done with my friends, but I've decided to put in on the web. Why not? Everyone else seems to be doing it! ;)

So this post is about making a wreath with jeans. I can say I wasn't sure how it would turn out but I decided to take pictures as I went and, worse case scenario, I'd just trash the photos. It turns out, it turned out! So here's the method:

Step 1: Purchase, "borrow", of finally use a metal wreath as pictured below. Mine has been staring me in the face for 2 Christmas seasons now. I couldn't stand seeing it sitting around the pile of unused items. I had a lot of great ideas when I bought it I just never got around to doing anything with it. So while I still don't have the time, I happened to complete this project after all!
 Step 2: Cut a lot of strips. Okay, I'll be more precise. I made 2 different cuts. The wreath has 4 wires. After some trial and error I decided to use fabric as the "background" (that's the cream colored blocks) you'll need 9 of those or however many sections you have on your wreath. I didn't take exact measurements because it was not an exact process. All I did was take the fabric I was using (an old cream skirt that the zipper had broken) and wrap it around. I then cut the block and measured it again and cut again. Once you have your size, use it as a template to cut your other 8 pieces. You do not have to be precise.

You will need roughly 45 strips of jeans. Again, I used old jeans of my husbands that were no longer wearable. I cut the strips to be roughly 1" by 10". Depending on the width of your strips you will need more or less. You'll have to determine that based on your desired outlook.
 Step 3: Heat up that glue gun! (I secretly love using my glue gun but don't have a lot of projects for it so I always enjoy pulling it out.) You will first take your large blocks and wrap it over the top and bottom wire so the ends connect in the middle. (See image below) Lie one end flat and apply hot glue. Paste the other end on top and voila! You have one section done.

Continue covering with large blocks until all 9 sections have been covered. You will be left with a wreath that has only the 2 middle wires showing.
 Step 4: Start weaving in the jeans pieces. I chose to alternate them so that one strip was face up the next was face down and so on to get some varying colors but you certainly don't have to. If you're using old jeans like myself, that effect might be accomplished without doing that. Some of the strips were hard to tell what was the front and the back compared to others.
 Step 5: Once the strip has been weaved under the 2 wires in the middle, just double knot it. I decided to weave all the jeans strips into the wreath to get them off the floor. My little one had just gotten up from a nap and I didn't want her carrying my jeans strips everywhere. It did go quickly doing it that way but however you do it is your choice.
 That's it! You're all done!! I had planned on having all the knots going different ways but as I was initially tying them they were all facing the one way and I found I really liked it that way. However, you could choose to let them go all wonky and have an entirely different look. To hang, I looped one extra strip from the back on one of the center wire pieces and knotted it the same ways as the ones on the front. It doesn't detract too much from the wreath itself but you could also use a long ribbon or whatever will work for your door.

Remember, the background fabric color is your choice. You could use any fabric to create this wreath. I like the stiffness of jeans because they will hold the bow shape better but any similar fabric will do. This project was easy, quick, fun, and it used up some odds and ends fabrics. It would also be a wonderful project to use up all those scraps you're not sure what to do with. Having a red door, sticking to a more neutral color scheme worked well for us.

Another addition would be to add something to center of the wreath. A title like "Merry Christmas" or "Season's Greetings" would work or just a large image. I didn't do that as I was trying to make a quick project and didn't have that handy but maybe you will. Make it your own and post any pics you take so I can see your creativity!

Happy Creations! Jennifer

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