Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Reflecting on Christmas

School, activities, cleaning, laundry, cooking, visitors. Let's face it. This encompasses my whole day. Everyday. Well, minus the visitors. Our guests are usually here for special occasions or summer visits. In the case of this year it is for two things.
1. Gretchen Maria. Our newest, precious addition to our growing family. She brings such great joy to our lives and to those around us.
2. Holiday events. My two oldest darlings are performing in the Nutcracker this weekend and we are excited to be host again for that event.

And while the excitement of having visitors and fun things to do (like making Christmas cut out cookies, crafting gifts, sending packages, and decorating the tree) we should all try to remember why and what we are actually celebrating.

Christmas. It is not just a "Hallmark" holiday. We should try not to focus on the things. Let's remember that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ who chose to be born into mortal flesh knowing He would die on a cross to bear our sins. Christmas is a wonderful day to celebrate the greatest gift mankind could receive from our loving God. It is a gift I intend not to squander.

So, while my husband and I enjoy finding gifts for the girls and for friends and family (a lot of which I choose to make). That is just an extra perk. An extra joy in our lives. Stressful at times. Frustrating at times. Exhausting at times. But fun and worth it for the joy it gives the giver and the receiver. It may not be the biggest, most expensive, or most sought after gift but it comes from the heart which is truly the reason for the Christmas season.

This is why, with the holiday fast approaching, my list of things to do quickly growing, my patience clearly ebbing, I must slow down and say thanks. Thanks for the visitors, the dinners, and the events. And thanks for the greatest gift of all.

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